Why do we worry about the future?

The first thing I thought about was the spring of 18 years old (first-year university student).

After a long university entrance exam, I entered a private university in Tokyo in the spring when Sakura blooms, and I no longer have to study for the entrance exam! !! !! College life looked like glittering with new encounters. A word from a female teacher in a class called gender theory in a general liberal arts class at a university that I attended in a sunny mood.

Women work even once they get married and give birth. If you put up with a couple of these for five years after giving birth, you will win overwhelmingly in the future, in your life. Good luck for five years.

Will I get married in the future? Will I give birth in the future? At that age? I realized that I was a woman and in a good way. I thought about my life plan as a woman.

When I was in the third year of college, job hunting began all at once with my friends, and I honestly forgot about marriage and childbirth. Unlike my friends around me, I borrowed a scholarship and went to college. I also went to study abroad on a scholarship. Therefore, it was prioritized to win a job offer by myself and get a stable salary first. Job hunting proceeded without feeling that there was gender discrimination and without realizing the difference.

At the age of 22, when I decided to work and joined the company internally, the work in front of me was fun, and I went to work. There was a marriage rush on 26-28, but I didn’t rush or think about it. After all, I thought I would marry that person because I had a boyfriend who was dating at that time. I didn’t even think that I wanted a child because I wanted to keep my work fun. But maybe someday it will last in the distant future? I was thinking about it. My parents didn’t tell me to get married early.

Yes, the right time to give birth in your twenties is every day when you become a member of society from a student and discover new encounters, so it’s hard to think of giving birth!

I feel that the information that flows from the Internet and TV is often negative for marriage and childbirth. However, many people in the world are happy to get married, give birth, and raise children. But those people don’t shout about their happiness. Therefore, I feel that there is a lot of negative information about marriage and childbirth in the world.

In modern society, there are many places where women can play an active role in the same way as men. Many women are active in society. However, for women who are vaguely thinking about giving birth even a little, I would like them to take a closer look at their life plans. Sometimes you want to get married but you can’t, and sometimes you want to get pregnant but you can’t. I couldn’t get along with him when I wanted to get married, and I couldn’t get pregnant right away when I wanted to give birth. And what surprises me is that values ​​change. Even if I want to do something crunchy at work, there will be days when I want to get married and days when I want to raise children. Even if I think that I will work tomorrow, the next day, I will have a day when I want to have a child.

I also had a lot of trouble with my career and life plan. I’m still worried. I sometimes feel frustrated. Sometimes I feel sad.
I have a 2-year-old child, and I live every day, worrying about work, childcare, and housework. After giving birth, during maternity leave, when I felt during childcare leave, I had a lot of thoughts and feelings after returning to work. But I am grateful for the small things I do every day and am willing to live happily every day.

My small career, childbirth, childcare, return to work, and the experience and way of thinking during the second pregnancy are working women (including women who are currently pregnant) who are vague or strongly thinking about giving birth or childcare after childbirth. I hope it will be useful as the same woman, such as support between warm mom warriors who do their best.
When you are worried or uncomfortable, knowing other people’s experiences, information, and ways of thinking can make discoveries and encourage you. I wish I could share one of the tips for such a woman to look forward to and live.
Children are an irreplaceable treasure in life.
The first one also attended a fertility clinic, but the joy of finding out that she was pregnant and the joy of being born safely and hearing crying.

There are days when I get a little frustrated and depressed with all the housework and work that comes with being a parent, and I am doing my best with the help of my family friends, nursery school, children’s center, and local mom friends.

We women who give birth to children, can work and live in good times. Let’s be positive and have fun!

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