What Is Your Definition Of Love?

What is love? A very frequently asked question, both in real life and in the Internet space. There are many answers to it and in very different ways. But as among the multitude of people on our planet, there are no two who are completely alike, so with love. Each person feels and experiences it in his own way, someone sees the meaning of life in love, and for someone, it becomes excruciating pain for a long time.

If we turn to Wikipedia, then love is described there as ” … a feeling inherent in a person, deep affection for another person or object, a feeling of deep sympathy.” Already here various questions begin to arise. If love is only a human feeling, then how then can one explain the many cases when animals showed love, and sometimes in such a strong form that not all people are peculiar. I also disagree with the concept of “attachment”. There are, of course, different options, but I believe that attachment can be without love, people just get used to each other, or to their place of residence, or to a certain lifestyle, and much more … “A feeling of deep sympathy “- it is possible that such a feeling is related to love, but I think that such a feeling is clearly not enough.

If you look into our history, then with what only love is not personified. Empedocles speaks of love as “one of the two principles of the universe, namely, the beginning of universal unity and integrity.” For Plato, love is “the demonic striving of a finite being for the perfect fullness of being and the ensuing” creativity in beauty “. According to Aristotle, the goal of love is friendship, not sensual attraction. Omar Khayyam compares love to wine in his poetry. He says that wine, which is poured into a vessel (that is, into a human shell), fills people with a spiritual component.

In the Middle Ages, love was the subject of religious mysticism, on the one hand, and a special kind of poetry, on the other; this poetry was dedicated to the ideals of a woman as well as ideal sexual love in the sense of a harmonious combination of all three of her elements: pity, reverence, and bashfulness.

During the Renaissance, love was based on the doctrine of beauty – “the nature of love is the pursuit of beauty.” In the Baroque era, Spinoza gave the following definition: “Love is pleasure accompanied by the idea of ​​an external cause.” In the new philosophy, Schopenhauer’s theory of sexual love also deserves attention – “the will of life strives not only for the continuation of the race (as in animals) but also for the production of the best examples of the human race; thus, if this man passionately loves this particular woman (and vice versa), it means that he can produce the best offspring with her under these conditions. “

In the 20th century, the connection between love and sexuality formed the basis of the work of Sigmund Freud. According to Freud, love is “an irrational concept from which the spiritual principle is excluded. It is reduced to primitive sexuality, which is one of the main stimuli of human development.”

As you can see, the question of what love is constantly relevant, everyone is looking for an answer to it, but everyone sees in love something of his own, peculiar only to him. Each of these theories about love has a right to be because love itself is so multifaceted that it cannot be described by any theories and research.

What is love? In this article, I can only express my personal opinion, which does not claim to be universal. Based on my life experience, I dare to admit that love is energy. It appears as a result of some of our certain sensations, actions, feelings. And the stronger this energy, the greater the love. It doesn’t matter who you love – people, animals, nature, hometown, country, and much more. If love lives inside you, then it will manifest itself outwardly.

The bottom line is what kind of energy it is. Light and pure energy is unconditional love – it loves without restrictions and conditions, regardless of external factors that affect a person’s life. Such people are so pure that they simply glow with love. I have met such people in my life, communication with them fills a person with such ease and joy that they forget about all life’s problems, I want to sing, dance, fly and share my state with everyone. This happens because such love is very strong and it fills you and cleanses you of negativity and fatigue. But over time, without maintenance, it is wasted, and the person returns to his previous state.

Unfortunately, there are not many people with such strong and light energy, and therefore this happens very rarely. For the most part, we strive for this state, but various obstacles are constantly encountered on our way. One of these is our ego. In life, we are used to receiving more often than giving. We are waiting for someone to take the first step, until someone loves us, or will take care of us and love. Then, in response, we also do something for others. Such love is called “conditional” – I tell you, you tell me. And if the other person does not do the things that we want from him, then over time our love leaves.

It turns out that if a person does not correspond to our ideas about him, then we no longer love him. But what kind of love is it then? Perhaps we ourselves need to reconsider our notions of love, try to just love without demanding anything in return, be close to a person and accept him as he is. It is difficult, sometimes very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. In such cases, it is better not to stay with this person, because when you love, it is not at all necessary to sacrifice your life. You can continue to love and start a new life.

There is one more important point. A person must necessarily love himself, without this it is not possible to truly love another much. After all, initially, love should originate in your heart, and only then it can become more and you can love someone else.

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