What Is A Sense Of Life

What is a sense of life? Every person in his life comes to this question, someone earlier, someone later, and someone asks it to themselves several times. It happens that a certain moment comes in life – and a person begins to look for his meaning in life. He looks back at his surroundings, begins to analyze his own actions, the years lived, the goals achieved, compares himself with other people and their achievements. In general, he begins to look for this very meaning. The answer is suprisingly very simple.

Each person determines the meaning of life for himself! Where does this answer come from? Yes, all from the same life experience. Like many, at one time I also asked this question, and began to search hard. Unfortunately, or fortunately, according to the doctors’ forecasts, I did not have much time left, and looking back, I tried to understand what life is, why is it given to us, why?

All of us in this life go through essentially the same path – first birth, then childhood, youth, maturity, and in the end comes old age. No one can change the given sequence, no matter how much he wants to. Of course, a lot in our life depends on the surrounding circumstances, in which country he was born, in which family, in what conditions she grew up, what opportunities she had, and so on. But the essence always remains the same – we live our life. But how do we live?

Many people define goals in their lives and do everything possible to achieve them. For some, this is a lot of money, for some an apartment, and also a family, politics, power, career. A person makes a lot of effort, spends his time and energy, and as a result gets what he wants. But then what? It turns out that the more money you have, the more you need, the more beautiful the apartment, the bigger the house you want, the better the position at work, the higher you want to rise. Our desires have no boundaries. But in pursuit of these goals, we usually do not find time for ourselves, for our inner research, to define ourselves in this life.

And also often we live according to the programs, values ​​laid down in our childhood, and do not dare to deviate from them a single step. We got used to living according to the usual scheme – work, home, family, friends. You have to act like everyone else at work, and we do it. It is indecent for society to destroy a family, and we endure and try to glue what does not glue. We want to make a lot of money, and as a result we break our principles and rules, we step over others.

Have you ever thought about the quality of your life? In most cases, the quality of life is assessed by the presence of material achievements – a beautiful house, an expensive car, a prestigious job. But I’m talking about a different quality – about the internal, about the soul. How do you relate to the people around you, do you help them, do you wish them well or vice versa, honor only your own interests, envy, do mean things – all this refers to the qualities of the soul. And only you determine the quality of your soul and your life.

In our time, there is already a lot of talk about the true abilities of a person. Indeed, many examples are known when people achieve even the impossible in their lives. But have you ever thought about why a person is given such opportunities. After all, our life is limited by time frames – and nothing can turn back time or restore health, return those who have passed away from this life or guarantee happiness. So what’s the point?

I believe that we all come into this life to receive certain lessons, each his own. And we choose the quality of our life – what we should be, how to relate to others and life. You can set any goals and achieve them in the course of life, but do not forget that they are not the main thing. The main thing is who we are, what we are learning or have already learned, how we love and what we are happy about, what we will do or have already done and what will remain after us

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