Ups/Downs- Pregnancy/Motherhood

To say that a woman feels completely fulfilled when she becomes a mother is certainly a universal truth. This is a belief that is common to people of various economic strata and ethnic origins. No one can dispute this fact. However, the period of pregnancy is certainly not a bed of roses. 

Some women spend more time throwing up the little that they can eat instead of concentrating on what their roles are going to be once their babies are born. They go through their entire pregnancy, wondering what made them say yes to motherhood, little knowing that it could be such a painful and tiring process.

Presented With A Small Bundle Of Joy

All these pains and problems are quickly forgotten when the mother is presented with a small little bundle of joy that she has given life to. She realizes that it is worth all the trouble she has endured for the last nine months. She forgets about the numerous times she wrinkled her nose at cooking smells, trying her best not to vomit the food that she tried her best to push down her throat. Here she is now, holding a new life, a life that she has created, of course with the all-important help of her spouse or partner. Looking at the eyes that are barely open and cute little fingers that curl around her own, she wonders how this little marvel has emerged after his or her stay in her womb, virtually unscathed.Now comes the difficult part – motherhood. 

Does the period of pregnancy prepare a woman for motherhood? 

Does it help her understand the responsibility that she now has in rearing a new life? Does she also get hold of the fact that this child will be entirely dependant on her and her spouse (if he is present) for love, care, food, and every other unimaginable need? It is certainly a very great responsibility. All the joys of seeing your baby smile back at you with a toothless grin are sure to take a back seat when you realize the extent of your responsibilities.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that motherhood is a period in a woman’s life that needs to be lived to the fullest. Though the responsibilities and duties might seem to loom large, a person must understand them and plan out activities in such a way that she can carry out her duties without much of a problem.

You might wonder whether the key to managing a baby is

Well, the answer to this is both yes and no. Yes, because all activities need to be planned. Once you are aware of the biological rhythm of your child, you will be able to plan the rest of your work based on the waking and sleeping hours of your baby. Whatever you do to plan, please also be prepared for the unscheduled breaks in a routine that happen when you have a baby around. When all is said and done, motherhood is, certainly a pleasure unmatched by anything else.

Tips To Care Yourself After Childbirth

You might have come across many difficulties while you are pregnant and at the time of childbirth. After the delivery, you should be very careful for some days to regain health and to come out of the experiences.

It is important to collect all the information about childbirth. It is important to make proper preparations for cord blood banking. You have to breastfeed your child after an hour of birth and confirm your relationship. It is important to undergo all the necessary medical checkups before you leave home.

After Childbirth And Returning Home

After childbirth and returning home, it is advised to take ample rest and retrieve the regular body. But it is no use of feeling about the weight loss at the time of pregnancy and childbirth. It is better to follow the exercises prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the stretch mark on the stomach.

It is common for every woman to have some doubts regarding the period’s problem after childbirth and the possibility to work. It is recommended that you should get rid of all the worries. The concentration should be totally on your health and take care of your baby.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

It is natural and there will be many queries wandering around you. You might have gained some weight during the pregnancy; it can be compensated for through proper exercises. To get rid of stretch marks there are many medicated creams available in the market and you can apply it. There are some possibilities of hair loss in the period of pregnancy because of hormonal changes. The main query is about sex. Is it possible to have sex after childbirth? What is the duration?

It is advisable to consume contraceptives while making sex after childbirth. It should be after getting suggestions from the doctors. Most of the doctors advise having sex only after four to six months after childbirth. There should be a sufficient gap to recuperate from the pregnancy experience.

Average Weight Gain In Pregnancy In Pounds

It is possible to gain 25 to 40 pounds of weight during pregnancy. After childbirth, you may lose around 14 pounds. It is very important to lose the remaining weight as early as possible. It is possible to go through some breast treatments and breast lifting operations. It is also possible with breast expansion with the help of body tissues.

To achieve a flat stomach after giving birth you may need to undergo abdominoplasty and tummy tuck operation. It is also possible to follow some proper diet and exercise. At the time of pregnancy, your body tissues would experience tearing and stretching.

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