Rewriting Your Life Script

Think about the plays and movies you watched, the TV shows you remember, or the books you recently read. Why did you choose them? Maybe you are deceiving yourself that your choice is random or you were attracted by something special, did you deliberately stop at these works? (Take a notebook or notebook and write down your thoughts on this.)

What are the topics covered in these plays, films, and novels? Can you immediately identify the central theme or are you more interested in the details of the intricate plot? Which do you prefer: comedy or tragedy? What is your hero or heroine, what are they: intimidated and downtrodden, or brave and fearless, mysterious and alone, or wise and loving? How do they endure hardship: passively or do they fight villains? Is it possible to say about them that they “stand in both worlds”?

When answering these questions, do you feel that these themes and plots have something in common with your own life? What are your favorite plays, films, and books? What did this choice reveal to you?

Now think about the themes and personalities of the people around you: your family members, friends, work colleagues, and neighbors. (If you are an advisor or a doctor, remember to remember your clients).

Take a few minutes and write something about them and their lives. Maybe some of them are afraid of losing control of themselves or learning to make responsible decisions, someone cannot stand up for themselves, someone avoids intimacy or commitment, preferring to live alone. Some of your acquaintances may constantly criticize others, others are always obsessed with little things.

There are arrogant people, and there are those who try to act as a patron. Someone poses as a victim, and some prefer to choose abusive bosses or partners. Some have a constant feeling of guilt, while others are always indignant and indignant at any, even the most insignificant, reason. Some live only in the future, while others – in the past. Among them, either workaholics, or gluttons, or sexually anxious individuals will probably be found. Some live in constant expectation that something very bad is about to happen.

And so you can go on and on. Be honest with yourself: which of these personality traits do you own? (The easiest way to define your theme of life is to look in this way in the “mirrors” that surround you in this world).

Finally, what fascinates you the most about the people you come across? Can you admit that these positive qualities, talents, and abilities are also contained in you?

(Remember: it is very important to write it all down, or at least say it out loud. Speaking and writing are actions – they bring thoughts into the physical world and open us, preparing us for change. If you just “think about things,” you will move in a vicious circle – and sometimes it passes from one life to another!)

How do I rewrite my script in life?

Analyze your life as if it were a theatrical play. What are the most significant events or emotional encounters that you remember? Or maybe it is your abilities or talents that you managed to develop or ambitions and dreams that have not yet come true? What life topics related to your family can you name? Remember if there were turning points in your life and bright, memorable adventures.

If someone wrote your life as a script (and that someone is you yourself!), Then what would the hero or heroine learn, what he (or she) would need to do, what to change in order for the play to become more exciting, creative, joyful, interesting, and full of love? Can you say that the hero or heroine line is drawn based on despair, melodramatic, or mediocre? Don’t you think that the hero suffers from a penchant for martyrdom and self-pity, or, on the contrary, this play is full of love, joy, courage, and foresight?

Remember that your own script was never imposed on you. You have chosen it yourself, and it is your right, as the author, to revise and modify it. You can choose a completely different scenario. You have the right to change the plot, the tragedy becomes a comedy, or just tear up the old script and write another, new one.

Outline the script for how you would like to see your performance. Maybe you want today to become a turning point in your life, and it will now become exciting and exciting.

Want To Start A New Life?

More often than not, when the desire to start a new life arises, we postpone it until tomorrow or next week. Then again and again, and as a result, it remains only our desire, a new life does not begin in any way, and we are all waiting for that desperate moment when we finally decide to change. But such a moment may never come, and as a result, we still live, dissatisfied with what we have. It turns out a vicious circle – we want a new life, but we don’t want to change anything. How to be? Make a choice – to be or not to be! After all, life is something that you can neither buy nor turn back, so try to appreciate every minute, every day, and start right now!

First, you need to realize that we have one life, there will not be another, and if you want something in this life, then you need to make certain efforts. Many people live as they write a draft – putting it aside for later. I’ll buy an apartment, and then I’ll live, now I’ll get married and then everything will be fine with me. Or I win a million and life will be wonderful! This is self-deception, our life, and its quality does not depend on anyone but ourselves. Everything that we have now in our life – everything is created by us. And if we want to start a new life, then this is real, but we have to work on it.

The next step is to decide what kind of life you want. Our desires do not always coincide with our capabilities. Nevertheless, imagine how detailed you can, exactly what you want. If you live in a new house, then what will this house be like, how you will receive guests in it, and much more. If you want a rich life, imagine yourself to be a rich person. If you want to be successful in life, imagine yourself successful. Do not limit yourself in thoughts and try to see all the details, feel the taste of the life you want to receive.

Now you need to think about what you can do for your new life right now. If your desire is a success, then in what direction would you like to become successful, who do you know from successful people, and so on. If you want a rich life – decide first how much money you need, what you want to do with it, look for possible ways to get closer to your desire. If you want to find a loved one, determine what he should be, what character traits and human qualities you are looking for, and start looking around you. You are interested in travel – decide where and why you want to go, what you need for this. Write down all the details for yourself, you can even point by point, from and to – and start. You may not do a lot at once, but every day, at least one small step in the intended direction is required!

Review your list every day, add new entries there, mark what has been done, this will help you firmly go to your desire. You can make a visualization board, you can write a diary, you can use any method that will help you make changes and build a new life. But do not forget that your new life has already begun, you are already a different person, you know what you want and where you are going. And yet, learn to value your life, look at it from the other side – any life is beautiful! You strive to change it, and this is normal because every person in his life wants to achieve something. But you need to learn to accept it for what it is. If events happen to you that is unpleasant for you, something does not work out – do not dwell on this, accept everything with gratitude. Often, life once again checks whether we really want this, or after the first setbacks we will retreat and return to our old life again – after all, subconsciously, many people are afraid of change. But if you confidently go forward, you will get what you strive for – life loves winners!

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