How To Build Confidence As A Woman

How to build confidence as a woman is a question that can often be seen or heard on psychological sites, blogs, and forums. For many people, self-confidence seems unattainable, but everyone wants to go through life confidently, be able to make the right decisions quickly, have their own opinion, achieve their goals, and enjoy life. But low self-esteem, constant doubts, constraint, and uncertainty do not allow people to realize themselves in life, to feel confident, free, and happy.

Do you want to become a confident person? Then try some simple yet effective ways. It won’t make you any worse, but you can get much more than you expect!

1. First, tune in to a positive result. After all, all practicing psychologists unanimously say: self-confidence is a personality trait that is formed during a person’s life and is not laid down at birth. So, everything is in your hands, you just need to want and make some effort.

2. Try to find the reason for your insecurity. In most cases, all the threads lead to childhood, when the attitude of parents and society has formed a bunch of different complexes in the child. Insecure people always have low self-esteem, high self-criticism, constant doubts about any of their actions, and also the inability to refuse others and defend their own opinions. All these qualities cause constant grief and self-dissatisfaction.

There may also be other situations when a person becomes insecure – certain mental trauma, severe health problems, change in appearance (accident or accident), long-term psychological impact. Depending on the cause of uncertainty, psychologists offer different methods of influence and treatment. 

One of the most accessible and simple ways is to accept yourself and forgive your past. Whatever happens to you sometime, no matter how anyone offended you, or you someone, forgive others and yourself. There are many methods of forgiveness (more on this in another article), they all work, you just have to want to. And then learn to accept yourself as you are. Suppose you have certain character traits that you do not like – so what? But you have a lot of those that you like! Or your appearance is not what you would like – but then you are unique, there is no one like that anymore and will never be. Maybe you have actions in your life that you regret – nothing, we all have moments when we are not proud of ourselves, but we are people, and we can make mistakes. And in the same direction, work out all your discontent, find a counterbalance to them, if necessary,

3. Find one (at least) positive quality in yourself – and remember it all day, formulate for yourself several affirmations about this quality, and, if possible, repeat them. Each new day add more qualities, write them down, write down your affirmations, and as soon as you start to doubt yourself, start repeating them. It will be difficult at first, various stupid thoughts will appear, but you need to continue and not give in. In about a month, you will notice that stupid thoughts have run away, and you have changed, and you become more confident every day.

4. Watch your appearance! Every woman wants to look amazing, and whenever possible, try to always maintain your feminine features – manicures, pedicures, hair, makeup, clothes – whatever you can influence. When you know you look good, it will build your confidence automatically.

5. Watch your posture – straighten your shoulders, raise your head – you will immediately feel how you become more confident, how your gait changes, how a smile appears.

6. Learn to be yourself in all situations – do not adjust to others, do not think about their opinion. You can do something for someone, but only when you want it. If you constantly think about what impression you will make on others, then you will not have time for your life. It may be that at first people from your environment will be dissatisfied with your actions, but over time they will accept your new behavior, and they may even respect you more.

7. If you have certain fears about some specific situations, then using several effective methods, you can overcome these fears and learn to behave confidently. The first method is to imagine that the worst has already happened, to think about what way out of this situation is possible and what lesson it can teach. To use a different method, you must remember the situation due to which you once had this fear and uncertainty. Then replay the situation, but only with a positive ending. If just once is not enough, repeat over and over again until you feel like you are no longer afraid and insecure.

8. Always remember that:

– you have the right to make decisions and take responsibility for it. Whatever your decision, you made it, and it means for you it is the most correct at this moment in these conditions, and you are fully responsible for all the consequences of this decision.

– you have the right not to make excuses and not explain your behavior. If you did one way or another, then you had your motives for it, and you do not need to adjust to others.

– you can make decisions about other people, but not instead of them.

– you have the right to change your mind. Since we are all human, we can sometimes be wrong, and therefore it is permissible to change our decisions. In addition, the conditions for making a decision may change, therefore it is important to be able to adapt to reality.

– you have the right to be wrong. None of us are perfect and everyone is wrong. Also, mistakes are an important part of shaping our life experiences. Therefore, everyone can make mistakes and take responsibility.

– you may say you don’t know. A person is not obliged to know everything, and not everything can be foreseen.

– you have the right to say that you do not understand. If you cannot explain the behavior of other people and do not understand what they want, then tell them about it.

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