Are We Making Ourselves Sick?

More and more, I have come across the topic of health, people getting sick, and somehow more often, while diseases also become more complex and new ones appear each time. It would seem that now when science and medicine are so developed, there should be fewer diseases, and every day there are more healthy people, but alas.

What is the reason for such changes, and what to do next for those who are often sick for a long time? There are many different publications on the internet. Treatment with various medications and dietary supplements is offered, many can be cured with medicinal herbs and preparations from them, there are also various alternative methods of treatment.

Each of these methods deserves respect and helps a lot. But still, there is no universal medicine, and there are people who are still sick.

One of the options for treating diseases is to search for the cause of the disease, as they say, to find and eliminate. But as it turns out, it’s not that easy. After all, there are a lot of reasons, and each has its own.

Here is an excerpt from Alexander Sviyash’s book “Do you want to be healthy? Be him!”. The book may not suit everyone, but there are very important and useful observations that can be taken from it.

Disease … from stupidity

It’s always good to think before doing something stupid.

G. Malkin

“… consider those diseases that have a source … our stupidity. In general, we must honestly admit that most of our diseases have these fundamental roots, but this is most clearly manifested in relation to our physical body. it is he who is traditionally given the least attention and it is from him that it is expected that it should always be in excellent condition. And if it starts screaming at us through the pain that we are doing something wrong, we bravely grit our teeth and endure as long as possible … Or we dash along with our nervous system with a sledgehammer in the form of pain-relieving pills. After all, what are painkillers? These are drugs that paralyze the ability of the nervous system to convey to us information that something is wrong with the body. 

A better treatment may be a baton over the head. It helps, of course, only for a while, but after all, the club is always at hand, you can repeat it until the body becomes completely dull and stops complaining. Probably, this is also why we live not 150 years allotted by Nature, but only 50 – 80 years. Of course, we do not always resort to pills, you can use other methods of getting rid of pain, and we will consider them later. But maybe it’s better not to bring the matter to treatment? And just do not create situations when our body through pain will ask for help.

How can we bring our body to the point that it asks for mercy? As you already understand, there are many such ways. Let’s consider some of them.

Improper nutrition

As you know, almost all tissues of our body are periodically renewed, that is, existing body cells die off and new ones appear in their place. All cells of our bones, muscles, blood, all internal organs, skin, etc. are renewed. The term for a complete replacement of all cells of different organs ranges from two weeks to several months or years. That is, whether we are asleep or awake, eat, or starve, our tireless organism is still working to restore our organs. This process does not depend on our will, degree of development, interests, and so on, it is fully automated. But we still interfere with it all the time, and usually not in the best way. How does this happen?

To perform all these wonderful functions, our body needs a building material, that is, almost all chemical elements in such a form in which it can assimilate and use them. And where can he get them? It is clear that from food and drink. This means that our food should contain the widest possible set of chemical elements, from which the body itself will choose what it needs. And if from drinks you feed the body only coffee or beer, and from food only cakes (for coffee) or roach (for beer), then it will be difficult for it to fulfill its functions. He will have nowhere to take materials for building our body.


The next characteristic cause of diseases is human intervention in the normal functioning of his body through the excessive introduction of some elements and, accordingly, the creation of a deficit of others. Behind this complex phrase is our overeating and drinking, excessive enthusiasm for some food or droppings (coffee, cigarettes), or even a complete malfunction of the internal ‘computer’ when a large amount of alcohol or drugs are injected.

In general, our body can only sympathize – in what terrible conditions it sometimes has to exist. For a normal life, he needs a little different food, and he is overwhelmed with huge portions of often monotonous food and drinks.

Let’s sympathize with the builders

To understand how hard it is for our body, imagine the following situation. You are the leader of a construction team and must build a house within a certain time frame. To do this, you need a wide variety of materials – sand, brick, cement, boards, nails, glass, and many other materials. And your foreman sends you every day a car of cement and a few bricks, sometimes a piece of glass or a handful of nails, and does not supply some materials at all. You try to swear with him, protest, but he does not hear you. He has a friend who works at a cement plant, and there he gets cement almost for free. So he sends you cement every day.

How do you deal with this situation? Deadlines are running out and you will still build a house, but from what you have. As a result, the house will have concrete floors, walls, ceilings, doors, etc. – you simply did not have other materials. But will it be possible to live in such a house later? Somehow possible, but comfortable – never.

Now imagine that your body is very foreman with the workers who build the organs of your body. And you are a foreman who only supplies pasta or beer to your construction team. You can imagine what they will build with these materials. But they build your body! And they build from what you send to your stomach. So do not forget about the needs of the body when you sit down at the table. Cravings and addictions to certain foods and drinks are one thing, and the body’s real needs are no joke either. Do not give the bodybuilding materials, you will get a defective, that is, a sick body.

As a result of improper nutrition in our body, an excess of some substances and a lack of others are formed. Excess substances are collected in the form of fat and other formations (waste) in the organs and cells of our body. We carry these slags and other deposits in ourselves for decades. Poor body, it’s hard for him!

Here you can add the use of low-quality products, which contain large amounts of chemical residues (preservatives, stabilizers, oxidants, dyes, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) that the body cannot assimilate due to their artificial origin. This also includes unfiltered tap water, which can contain a variety of substances that poison our body, polluted air, and much more.

The body throws out most of the excess and non-assimilable elements from itself, but its protective capabilities are still limited. Therefore, with an excess of excess elements, some of them are deposited in the cells of the body in the form of toxins, and thereby block the normal functioning of cells and whole organs. All this, unfortunately, sooner or later leads to diseases of the physical body.

In general, if we look back at our lives, then most of us must admit that it is hardly possible to find a greater enemy of our body than ourselves.


Our body is a very flexible structure, in which more rigid elements (bones) are fastened together by flexible muscles and joints (may the doctors forgive us for such a simplified model of a person). And it must remain this very movable structure, otherwise, the normal functioning of its elements, the movement of flows of internal energy, is disrupted. Muscles must periodically contract and stretch, otherwise, they freeze, de-gradate and various toxins begin to actively deposit in them. The spine must periodically stretch and bend in different directions, otherwise, slags are deposited between the vertebrae and he gets sick. Chinese folk wisdom says that a person’s health is determined by the flexibility of his spine. Can you reach the floor in front of you with your hands? 

In general, the body requires not only external care (washing, cleaning, lubricating) but also internal. It needs to be kneaded periodically, otherwise, slags begin to deposit in it, and it gets sick. Such diseases are typical for people with sedentary work, and there are a lot of them. Eight – ten hours of daily sitting on a chair or in a chair (including in a car) leads to stagnation of everything that can stagnate in the body, and hence the disease. Not all people in the morning (or in the evening) will find a couple of minutes to do two or three full tilts, not to mention a full charge. Here church rituals come to mind, involuntarily forcing a person to bow to the ground – and pride is trampled down, and the body is kneading at the same time.

Dacha digging in the ground is useful only if you do a variety of work there. And if you spend the same six or ten hours, bending over the beds, then there is almost nothing to improve health. So we recommend that you think about the real needs of your body and find an opportunity to periodically knead it – otherwise, through illness, it will tell you about the wrong attitude towards it. But that’s not all.

Idealization of abilities

Another source of diseases of our physical body is the overestimation of our capabilities, that is, the idealization of our abilities. This can be manifested in the fact that you take on loads that exceed your real physical capabilities – you take uplifting or moving to heavyweights, work until you are completely exhausted, etc. The body’s resources are large, but not infinite, and if it is a long or very strong load, then it must be torn. This also includes disregard for normal safety standards – being consciously in a draft, hypothermia due to walking in light clothes in cold weather, etc.

Of course, in principle, the resources of our body are practically limitless. And if you train him according to the Porfiry Ivanov system or according to the Qigong method, then you can walk in shorts at least all year round, sleep on glasses, douse yourself with ice water, eat only grain, and so on, and nothing will happen to you. But our body will withstand all this, if we specifically deal with it, develop these superpowers in itself. But after all, most of us do nothing even to maintain the body in normal shape, not to mention special exercises. And the expectations from the body are such as if it must endure everything that you load it with, and so on for many years. He endures, endures, and then breaks down, that is, gets sick.

So another typical cause of diseases of the physical body is the excess of those loads that it can painlessly endure with the degree of physical and spiritual development you have (superpowers arise only with the development of the spirit). Therefore, before you overload yourself again, think about whether another fuse inside you will break, with the corresponding consequences.

 Who’s to blame?

And now you can return to one of the main theses of our reasoning and think about who is to blame for the fact that we eat at random or whatever, overeat and drink, do not exercise, not to mention sports, and so on? Stores or agricultural workers who create surplus products for us? Or your job that leaves no time for sports? Or cold and hot weather? Or are we ourselves?

The answer is obvious. We decide for ourselves whether it is important or not important for us to eat high-quality or varied food. We decide for ourselves whether we will gorge ourselves to the limit at the next feast or whether we will eat and drink in moderation. We ourselves choose a job that supposedly leaves us no time for sports. But do you play sports when you have this free time?

In general, we ourselves create the life that we have. This is our voluntary choice, although we do not want to admit it to ourselves. Because what kind of person, being sober and sane, would choose such a life for himself? Let’s call him affectionately – a strange man.

We do not want to admit that it is we – these most strange people, leading a strange life, leading to the natural result – a disease of the physical body. So your health is in your hands, or rather, in your head.

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